Let’s Play: Donut County

by Kasyoka Mwanzia — 30,000 ft


There was some impetus to play what’s being named Best Mobile Game of 2018. It’s short and not particularly challenging but in its absurdity is fun and full of charm and humour.

Donut County

The story is a bit daft and at the same time absurdly clever when you think about it. Basically, a selfish racoon who runs the donut shop has been delivering holes instead of donuts so that he can earn enough money from an app and buy a quadcopter drone. The character relationships develop around a campfire and each level is each character’s story of how they came to be swallowed up by their hole.

Admittedly it doesn’t sound very enthralling, but it’s amazing how satisfying it is to figure out the basic puzzles and destructively swallow up everything. There is no skill curve and the puzzles are simple enough for you to figure out or quickly stumble upon the solution. Like swallowing a kiln so that your hole catches fire and then using the hot air to send a balloon into the sky.

It’s hard to say what it is about Donut County that propelled it to stardom. It’s a relatively simple concept – being a hole in the ground – framed by a fun story and witty dialogue. Perhaps there is a meta commentary about gentrification or a real-world lesson about things that start small and then become all consuming, perhaps not. It’s a light and breezy 2-hour companion to flight time or transit that are endearing and charming.