Let's Play: The Graveyard

by Kasyoka Mwanzia — Nairobi


Designers from the development team (Harvey and Samyn) are determined that designers need to "have the courage to abandon the game format and dare to explore other types of interaction, other types of emotions, stories…"

From a development standpoint, the game was not intended as a commercial project and by so doing trigger reflection on what it is that we as users pay for in a game. There isn’t much you can do - walk towards a bench or turn around and leave. It’s about atmosphere and ambience and this moment.

The idea of death here is different from how we normally encounter it in other games. Rather than being a symbol for failure, a signifier for “try again”, a temporary game state, here it is almost welcome even though the execution is a bit jarring. And here it is perhaps given the poignancy it deserves – forces us to explore the concept in a deeper way even though only for ten minutes.

The Graveyard

Tale of Tales call it “an explorable painting” and admit that it doesn’t make statements about anything but give people the chance to “Just think about death, and life, for the moment. It’s good for the heart.”

Download the trial version for free here