Let's Play: Gris

by Kasyoka Mwanzia — Nairobi


Ethereal. Sumptuous. Melancholy. Magical. Light puzzle platforming but the brilliant atmosphere and artistic direction are what makes this intoxicating.

Gris is gorgeous, the lovely watercolour almost hand-painted artwork you would happily hang on your wall. Its architecture is both structure and narrative and the symbolic use of colour as the game progresses together with the equally enchanting score heightens both the game’s tension and serenity.

You play a lost girl facing struggles and running from things and towards others. It’s a beautiful story that you pick up as you move through the game. Without words or text the game relies on you to make meaning and as an experience, will tug at your emotions delivering a memorable message open to a range of interpretations in which you can find your own gaze and voice.


In terms of gameplay, there are no choices to make beyond solving puzzles and advancing to each new stage with new skills tied to the protagonist’s dress. There are some pretty exciting jump scares and sequences and it is endlessly creative and fun.

In the debate of "are games art?", GRIS is a game that would be at the forefront of that discussion. Engaging from the beginning until the very poignant end It’s not a game that’s easy to describe. It is just one that needs to be played and felt.