Polygons with Personality. Quadrilaterals with souls. The tall yellow one, is a bit conceited and the little one is a bit bitter about how unexceptional she is. Rudimentary design that manages to wrangle with concepts such as self-image, acceptance of difference and individual purpose is a remarkable achievement.

"The underrepresented, the disfranchised, the conquered, and the suppressed did not create documents or, if they did, sadly, those documents are not represented in the archives. Sometimes what evidence there is in the archives is contradictory. How, then, does one reconcile deeply held historical beliefs when existing archival evidence seems to point to the contrary or seems to reveal nothing at all?"
 - Francis Blouin

So simple and yet so complicated. What starts off like a watercolour Mario-esque remake becomes the story of a breakup which is a parable for the detonation of the atomic bomb and also a meditation on memory, time and space. It’s a labyrinth. It’s layered. And like a parfait, just as delicious.

Without a conscious engagement with questions of race, gender and sexuality within gaming, we fail to grasp how debates over the absence, or the type of portrayals when present, of worlds and characters affect players and their subsequent engagement with games.