I'm interested in cultural studies and digital media in the global South including: production, distribution, use, and consumption of video games; video games as active archives that make local knowledge discoverable and reusable; and critical making based on situatedness.

I'm looking at questions such as:

  • Should practitioners aim for social critique? If yes, what knowledge regarding power, capitalism, historical and contemporary conditions, should makers base their practice on?
  • How can games act as living contemporary archives of the cultures of the global south being eroded by modernism?
  • How is a post colonial generation embracing African Futurism to return to traditions of spirituality and myth in speculative narrative in game making to create their own critical creative position on their own speculated upon future?

I am inspired by the contrasts that the African continent provokes and brings into sharp relief. Sites where contradictions such as past and future, technology and tradition, poverty and wealth exist in curious harmony. At heart I am interdisciplinary and I am interested in real world linkages between scholarship, practice and use.