Obtuse, unsettling, bleak and somehow beautiful. Part platformer, part Interactive nightmare, part horrible dream - the pacing, the aesthetic, the timbre, is superb. Without a single word uttered, Inside communicates, and yet in the end all I had was more questions.

There was some impetus to play what’s being named Best Mobile Game of 2018. It’s short and not particularly challenging but in its absurdity is fun and full of charm and humour.

Polygons with Personality. Quadrilaterals with souls. The tall yellow one, is a bit conceited and the little one is a bit bitter about how unexceptional she is. Rudimentary design that manages to wrangle with concepts such as self-image, acceptance of difference and individual purpose is a remarkable achievement.

So simple and yet so complicated. What starts off like a watercolour Mario-esque remake becomes the story of a breakup which is a parable for the detonation of the atomic bomb and also a meditation on memory, time and space. It’s a labyrinth. It’s layered. And like a parfait, just as delicious.