Yarny is delightful sprite bringing us strong themes of family ties, charming recreations of nature, and messages on the environment. Though the overt symbolism of the red thread may come across as syrupy, it is nonetheless earnestly felt.

Ethereal. Sumptuous. Melancholy. Magical. Light puzzle platforming but the brilliant atmosphere and artistic direction are what makes this intoxicating.

Designers from the development team (Harvey and Samyn) are determined that designers need to "have the courage to abandon the game format and dare to explore other types of interaction, other types of emotions, stories…"

"This is it, Madeline. Just breathe. You can do this." Sensational platforming, looks and sounds great and with so much heart, there is something there for everyone. You play troubled Madeline who pushes herself to climb Celeste Mountain - a platformer that mirrors the heroine’s own struggles. Tough and spectacular.