Obtuse, unsettling, bleak and somehow beautiful. Part platformer, part Interactive nightmare, part horrible dream - the pacing, the aesthetic, the timbre, is superb. Without a single word uttered, Inside communicates, and yet in the end all I had was more questions.

Polygons with Personality. Quadrilaterals with souls. The tall yellow one, is a bit conceited and the little one is a bit bitter about how unexceptional she is. Rudimentary design that manages to wrangle with concepts such as self-image, acceptance of difference and individual purpose is a remarkable achievement.

So simple and yet so complicated. What starts off like a watercolour Mario-esque remake becomes the story of a breakup which is a parable for the detonation of the atomic bomb and also a meditation on memory, time and space. It’s a labyrinth. It’s layered. And like a parfait, just as delicious.

Should I pick the first or a third person view? Third person view of “what things are” or first-person perspective of “how things appear”? Disembodied third person or embodied first person?
Who or what am I? Am I?